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You must join this site and then we will give you members zone URL.  
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Make sure that you are entering the username and password EXACTLY as provided. Respect lower and UPPER cases, if you are using copy and paste then don't include empty spaces before or after the username or password. Including an empty space or a single wrong character will lead to being refused access to the members area. If you still can't enter the members area and you are absolutely sure that you entered the login correctly, check if your transaction was canceled by clicking here. In such a case it means that your bank refused the final transaction and you have to signup again. If you don't know how to copy-paste then watch any of these tutorials:

Please only request support using your login to the site concerned by your request. We have a smart system that knows to whom forward the request based on your login. If you use a login that doesn't belong to your request, it would be forwarded to another operator that couldn't help you to fix your issue. File support ticket here